Flag Rock Recreation Area

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Flag Rock Recreation Area 

Flag Rock Recreation Area is located three miles above downtown Norton on the lower slopes of High Knob. The thousand-acre park includes 25 developed acres and a variety of outdoor adventures. See the below links for more information.

Mountain Biking

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The city’s Flag Rock Area Trails (FRAT) mountain bike trail system includes 10 miles of track. More trails are being developed. Learn more about the Trail System, including access to a trail map, trail descriptions, and difficulty levels of individual trails.

Hiking/Trail Running

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The Flag Rock Area Trails System (FRAT) is also open to hikers, trail runners, and other "people-powered" users. Visit the FRAT page for more information on these trails. Hikers can also start at Legion Park and climb the 1.1-mile Legion Park Trail into Flag Rock Recreation Area. Learn more about this trail and other Area Trails.


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The city’s Upper Reservoir is a State-Stocked Trout Water. Access to the Upper and Lower Reservoirs is located off State Route 619 and three-tenths of a mile above the entrance for Flag Rock Recreation Area.


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The city’s Upper Reservoir is open to Kayaking/Canoeing and electric motor boats. It also has a boat launch. Access to the boat launch is located off State Route 619, three tenths of a mile above the entrance to Flag Rock Recreation Area.


Rock climber at The Sanctuary in Flag Rock Recreation Area

Climbing and bouldering routes are being developed within Flag Rock Recreation Area. In November 2014, the city signed a memorandum of understanding with the Central Appalachia Climbers Coalition to develop climbing in the park. 
Check back for more information on this activity.


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The park features an 18-site campground. Campsites are $20 per night and available on a first come, first serve basis. See the Campground Page for more details.

Two shelters that provide large grill areas, fireplaces, electricity and water can also be rented for $50 per day. Playground equipment and a recreational field are located between the shelters. Restroom facilities are located within walking distance of the shelters.

The park also offers five smaller shelters at no charge available on a first come, first serve basis.

Green Salamander Sanctuary

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Learn more about the Green Salamander and how Flag Rock Recreation Area came to be a City-approved sanctuary for the small amphibian.

"Woodbooger Sanctuary"

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If wandering the gravel path that leads to the Flag Rock Overlook, you can’t miss the giant statue of the Bigfoot-like creature locally known as the "Woodbooger." The inspiration for the statue and the annual Woodbooger Festival can be traced to a visit by Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot TV show, which filmed part of an episode on High Knob in 2011. Norton City Council in October 2014 passed a memorandum declaring Flag Rock Recreation Area a "Woodbooger Sanctuary." 


Contact Norton Parks and Recreation Department: (276) 679-0754.

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