Building Inspection & Zoning


The primary purpose of code enforcement, and the main goal of this department, is to provide the citizens of Norton with safe and reliable housing, shopping, eating, medical, educational, and entertainment facilities. This can be accomplished by enforcing the minimum standards of the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code as well as the Norton City Code.


This department is also responsible for administering the City’s erosion and sediment, floodplain, zoning, and sign ordinances. These regulations were created by local government to provide protection and guidance for the city as a whole and to accommodate a growing and thriving community.

Keys To a Successful Project

The City of Norton’s Building / Zoning Department is here to assist you in any future or present projects by providing consultation to the home owner, business owner, contractor, tenant, developer, or architect. The key to a successful project is to consult with the office of the building official and to obtain the proper permits, prior to the start of work.

By working together, we can produce a safe, reliable, finished product that will successfully fulfill its intended use and enhance the community in which we all live and work.